Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon

I’m really excited to see the new Ben 10 series and I think it’s awesome that they’re bringing back my favorite alien, Psyphon. Psyphon is a villain in one of the previous Ben 10 series and he is an awesome character. I can’t wait to see him return!

What is Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon?

Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon is the name of a new series. This Ben 10 series has yet to have an official name but it has been temporarily named Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon for the time being.

Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon is a new series about a teenager who can turn into various aliens and fight evil across the galaxy. This series will be a return to the original concept of Ben 10 after Omniverse ended.

In this new series, fans can look forward to seeing some familiar faces from the previous Ben 10 series as well as some new characters too! I think this artwork of our favorite protagonist really captures what’s going on here:

What does he want with the Omnitrix?

It remains to be seen as of now. However, this trailer gives us a sneak peek:

Do you know what’s awesome about this show so far? It seems like he doesn’t have to transform into an alien to use their powers! That makes it a lot less complicated and I think that’s really cool because needing to transform every single episode can get kind of annoying.

What do fans think about Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon?

Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon is still relatively new but from what we’ve been able to gather from the trailers and other promotional material, fans are really excited for this series. Now, let’s take a look at some fan reactions:

Why do we need to stop him? Is he a villain?

Some fans think that this new protagonist is going to be one of the Ben 10 villains from the Omniverse series. I have a good feeling about him though so I’m not really worried, personally. What do you think? What kind of character do you think Psyphon will be in this new series?

One fan said: “Psyphon was an awesome villain and we’d love to see him return as one! It would be cool if he came back as a hero instead though.” Since we don’t know much about this new protagonist yet, it’s hard to tell which side Psyphon will take but I’m hoping for a hero because I feel like those are more interesting!

How can we stop him?

I’ve got one idea of how to stop him but it involves the Omnitrix… I wonder if Psyphon has anything to do with this new protagonist not needing the Omnitrix to transform into an alien. It would be pretty cool if that was the case because then Ben 10 will have a brand new power! He doesn’t even need his watch anymore, he can just touch someone and their form changes instantly! What do you think? Do you have any ideas about how this new protagonist can defeat Psyphon? 

His plan for the world’s Destruction

Maybe thwarted, but his goal is still to destroy Ben Tennyson! The question now is… what’s next for this new protagonist? Do you think he’ll make it all the way to Psyphon? Comment below and give your ideas, theories, and speculation on Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon. Remember, if you have any suggestions or opinions of your own that you want to express, share them in the comments section so they can be seen by everybody! Thanks so much for reading and as always:


Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon
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